Applications, Techniques, and Protocols



Immunogold Labeling with BioSite Colloidal Gold Reagents
BioSite Cationic Colloidal Gold
Immunogold Labelling in Scanning Electron Microscopy

Microwave Applications, Techniques and Procedures

Special Stains Using the Microwave
Joyce Moore of Jefferson Regional Medical Center, Pine Bluff AR

Microwave Processing Techniques for Microscopy
Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.

References for Microwave Polymerization of EM Resins

Microwave Antigen Retrieval Technique
Shi, Shan-Rong et al., "Antigen retrieval technique: A novel approach to immunohistochemistry on routinely processed tissue sections," , in Gu, J, ed. Analytical Morphology: Theory, Applications and Protocols, BioTechniques Books, div. of Eaton Publishing, 1997.

Microwave Irradiation of Cryostat Sections Accelerates and Improves Nitric Oxide Synthase Staining,
Michele Forte and Jiang Gu, Cell Vision, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1994. posted with permission.

Working Procedures in Microwave Histology,
Vincent R. Klump, Jr., HT (ASCP), Histology Services, East Haven, CT

Microwave Tissue Processing
From Donna Willis, Harris Methodist Hospital, Ft. Worth, Texas

Microwave Oven Quality Control: Measuring Output
From Donna Willis, Harris Methodist Hospital, Ft. Worth, Texas

Microwave Biopsy Histoprocessing Procedure III
From Denise Hardy, ARUP Laboratories, Salt Lake City, UT

Accumate ™ RDO Rapid bone Decalcification Procedure

Fixation in the MicroWave

Microwave Stimulated Fixation With Preserve™

Microtomy Techniques

VibratomeŽ Operation
Application Note from Energy Beam Sciences

SEM Sample Preparation

Plasma Chemistry: Applications of Barrel Reactors
Application Note from Energy Beam Sciences

Plasma Chemistry Applied to Electron Microscopy (EM) Preparation Procedures
Application Note from Energy Beam Sciences

Carbon Coating Thickness
Dr. Norman Charnley, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Spurr Epoxy Sections

Diagnostic Electron Microscopy on Reembedded ("Popped Off") Areas of Large Spurr Epoxy Sections
P. Anthony di Sant'Agnese and Karen L. De Mesy-Jensen

Large Block Embedding and "Pop-Off" Technique for Immunoelectron Microscopy
Karen L. De Mesy-Jensen and by P. Anthony di Sant'Agnese

Plastic Embedded Tissue

Staining Procedures For Plastic Embedded Tissue
Verified at the Applications Laboratory of the Biomedical Division, Sorvall Microtomes. 

Acid Orcein -- Azure-Eosin
Aldehyde Fuchsin, Gomori's
Azan, Modified Heidenhain's
Azure-Eosin, Modified Nocht's
Amyloid Congo Red (Alkaline)
Giemsa Hematoxylins
Methyl Green -- Pyronin For Plasma Cells
Methyline Blue -- Basic Fuchsin, Lee's
Schiff Stains
Silver Stains
Van Gieson Stain

Oil Red O Stain
Bob Schoonhoven, University of North Carolina

Alkaline Phosphatase for Osteoblasts
Patsy Ruegg, Metabolic Bone Disease Laboratory of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Acid Phosphatase

Glycol Methacrylate: Embedding and Staining

Technovit® 7100 and 8100 Application Information from Heraeus Kulzer Embedding Protocols

For Normal, Soft Tissue
For Immunohistochemistry
For Materials Samples

Sectioning and Mounting Protocols
Preparing Silanized Slides

Staining Protocols
Protocols for Lymphoid Tissue
Hematoxylin and Eosin
Toluidene Blue
Prussian Blue
Periodic Acid Schiff
Giemsa Stain
Acid Phosphatase (Barka & Anderson)
Alkaline Phosphatase (Burstone)

Methyl Methacrylate: Embedding and Staining

Technovit® 9100 Application Information from Heraeus Kulzer


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